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By creating artwork for products all over the world for many years, Tina has gained experience and knowledge about the surface design industry that she enjoys to share with you. She also has many years of teaching experiences from higher education and students at university but love teaching people all ages and backgrounds. People new to arts and design are warmly welcomed too!

– I am happy to be able to work with what I love the most, surface pattern design and illustration. So come join me on my journey and I will teach you all I’ve learnt along the way!

Do you work at University, run a course in arts & design, need a creative workshop at your library, company or organization? Tina teaches a full range of classes and customizes her workshops to fit different target groups. Send an email with your requests to receive more information.

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When and where is good for you? Right now Tina is avaliable a few Mondays and Tuesdays, but please get in touch to do your booking!


illustration course

Sometimes it´s important to do something out of the ordinary together with your colleagues, in Sweden we call it Teambuildning.  Tina will bring all material needed for this day and she´ll guide you through the creative process. This day is full of fun and you’ll learn a lot about your own creativity. On-site (Sweden) or online. For more information drop us an email.


learn surface pattern design

Tina loves working with kids and young adults and are happy to bring her creative workshops to schools, high schools or universities. The students will get the opportunity to be a designer for the day. They will learn a lot about their own abilities and have a lot of fun along the way. We’ll end the day with an exhibition! Read more here.


learn surfacepattern tinabackman

Tina teaches illustration, storytelling, graphic design and surface pattern design, on-site or online. Tinas also teaches how to build up your own creative business. Tina has a few custom made design courses to offer and she has experience from higher education and younger ages as well. If you are a teacher, write us an email you’ll receive more details.


illustration workshop tinabackman

Tina has learnt a lot while working as a teacher with students from areas with high crime rates and social exclusion together with her long experience from working with students studying design at University. So if you´d like to learn more, just give us a shout.


illustration course tinabackman

If you are a student or if you have thought on working freelance as a surface pattern designer or illustrator, Tina occasionally does a portfolio review, one to one. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding the home decor industry . Come prepared and make sure to book in advance. 


illustration workshop tinabackman

Learn how to create surface pattern design and illustration online. Tinas also teaches how to build up and run your own creative business. It’s fun and easy to follow along! Tina has courses coming up later this spring 2023. 

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Att få lyssna till Tina var att få in injektion av inspiration och vilja att förverkliga sina egna idéer. Med humor och mycket hjärta berättar hon sin resa till framgångsrikt företagande och ger både kunskap och praktiska tips på vägen.

- Mia Carlén / Startcentrum Örebro

En inspirerande workshop där eleverna fick arbeta med bildframställning på ett verklighetsförankrat sätt. Superkul och annorlunda illustrationer med musik.

- Veronica Pehrsson / Kunskapsskolan Örebro

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Skillshare and Patreon

I am thankful to be working with my passion. And after years and years of experience from the surface design industry I am happy to share what I learnt with you. Please join me in my courses on Skillshare and Patreon. See you there!